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4 Reasons Chesapeake Residents Replace their Roofs

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Are you a Chesapeake homeowner who is considering having a roof replacement? Are you wondering if now is the time to take the plunge?  Ensuring that your roofing can protect you against the Chesapeake climate is an important part of owning a home. In this article, we’ll discuss 4 roof replacement reasons for Chesapeake residents and more information about Gray Line Roofing. 

When to Replace a Roof in Chesapeake: 4 Reasons

Old Roofing

One of the most common reasons that Chesapeake residents replace their roofing is because it is old and past a serviceable life. In general, you can expect your roof to last roughly 30 to 40 years depending on the type of material and style. Over time, the lack of maintenance and general wear and tear can cause your roofing to break down and deteriorate. If your roofing is nearing that timeframe, it’s smart to call a roofing professional to assess your roofing and ensure that it is still protecting you and your loved ones.  

Poor Craftsmanship

A previous poor roofing installation or repair can cause a lot of issues down the line for your roofing in Chesapeake. This irresponsible workmanship can range from incorrectly performed repairs, poorly installed flashing, and improper ventilation, to unaligned shingles. This low-quality craftsmanship can lead to issues such as a leaking roof, structural damage, moisture built up and rot, and an uneven roof. 

High Return on Investment

Another common reason that Chesapeake residents will replace their roofs is to upgrade the look of their homes and boost the value of their property. If you want to sell your home in the future, a new roof is a major selling point to any prospective buyers who are looking at your residence. A new roof will help peak interest because potential buyers won’t have to invest as much time and money into structural work for the roof. Having a roof replacement installed will directly increase the value of your home and make your property that much more appealing.

Storm Damage & Other Roofing Issues

Depending on the time of year, the Chesapeake area is prone to tropical storms, the occasional tornado, high winds, and hurricanes. These weather conditions can cause a variety of storm damage to your home. This storm damage can range from water damage like leaks, mold, rust, and mildew, to broken, warped, and missing shingles and dented roofing. If you’ve noticed recurring issues or have recently sustained storm damage, it’s important to have a roofing professional inspect your home as soon as possible before the damage gets worse and becomes costly. 

Gray Line Roofing: Serving the Chesapeake Community  

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